Purchase without VAT

If you are registered VAT payer in your country and have VAT identification number, ordering without VAT is possible under the following conditions.

Terms of the purchase without VAT
  • You are a company customer, not a private person.
  • Your company is based in a member state of the European Union.
  • You are registered VAT payer in your country and have valid VAT identification number.

If you meet these requirements, fill in your valid VAT number in the order (registration) form (use VAT number field in form). Enter the country code first, followed by the entire VAT number without any spaces.

Your VAT will be validated through the electronic system VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) operated by the European Commission.

What will happen after verifying VAT number through VIES?
  • Please finish your order with any type of payment.
  • You will obtain from us a proforma invoice without VAT to your-email which you fill in order (registration) form.

Dear customers, please note that if you purchase excluding VAT and you stated a different billing and delivery address, it will be necessary to confirm your order by company whose billing information you have provided.